Junior Academic

Junior School girls at work

Sound, imaginative teaching in the Junior School ensures that learners grow in confidence, make progress and enjoy school. Within a nurturing environment, children and teachers care for and support one another and appreciate the uniqueness of each person. The values to which the School subscribes help create coherence and a sense of belonging.  Education is viewed as a partnership between home and school and the forging of positive relationships with parents is a priority.


The youngest Grade RRR, RR and Grade R girls, add a gentleness and a lightness to the school as they immerse themselves in play and age-appropriate programmes. All Grade 7 girls, as the role models for the younger children, are monitors – they assume leadership positions responsibly and understand that their roles are to serve, as much as to lead.


The distinguishing architecture of the Junior School – the Atrium – receives on-going acclaim not only for its aesthetic value but also because it functions so well in a practical sense. With its light and space, it invites creativity, and children feel safe and secure within its embrace.


School is a vibrant community offering rich and varied opportunities: Sport, Speech and Drama, Art, Music, a state-of-the-art Media Centre and Computer facilities, safe attractive Boarding, Field Trips and Outings.


Join us at TWC for a Truly Wonderful Childhood.