TWC Introduces CODING during class and computer club


At The Wykeham Collegiate we endeavour to ensure that our girls are at the forefront of sound educational practice, equipping them to not only cope in the real world, but to succeed in their future lives.  In order to keep up with the demands of the 21st century, CODING has been introduced by Mrs Jane Ryan during class exercises as well as Computer Club on a Friday afternoon. The school has also recently purchased 4 sphero’s which can be programmed by the girls.


In recent years, the importance of programming has become a subject of increasing international awareness. There is a growing understanding that knowing how to programme is essential, especially for younger generations. Learning facts is less and less relevant in a world where Google can satisfy just about any question in a matter of milliseconds; it is skills that will enable children to succeed, and that set of skills must include critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication. This forms the basis for programming.

Jessica Henderson and Abby Daugherty work together to see why their Sphero is moving in the wrong direction.

Grade 4 girls collaborating on how to programme their Sphero to navigate a maze

Left to right  :  Juwayriya Siddique, Ella Hoepfl and Jessica Henderson